Cyfieithiad yma'n fuan...

HRH Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh - Honorary Patron
Peregrine Armstrong-Jones - Honorary Commodore
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - Honorary Members
Margaret Crozier - President

Officers and Management Committee 2018

    Email Phone No.
Commodore John Judge commodore@royalwelshyachtclub.org.uk 01286 669357
Vice Commodore Sarah Roberts vicecommodore@royalwelshyachtclub.org.uk 07774 624834
Rear Commodore Martin Barritt rearcommodore@royalwelshyachtclub.org.uk 07818 447821
Hon. Secretary Beverley Taylor hon.secretary@royalwelshyachtclub.org.uk 01248 671172
Hon. Treasurer Malcolm Jones hon.treasurer@royalwelshyachtclub.org.uk 07990 577050
Deputy Treasurer Margaret Crozier   01286 676662
Hon Sailing Secretary Chris Jones hon.sailingsecretary@royalwelshyachtclub.org.uk 07341 131193
Hon. Rowing Secretary Bethan Jones hon.rowingsecretary@royalwelshyachtclub.org.uk 07745 136326
Hon. Membership Sec. Mo Judge hon.membershipsecretary@royalwelshyachtclub.org.uk 01286 669357
Hon. Social Secretary Brian Roberts hon.socialsecretary@royalwelshyachtclub.org.uk 01286 671376
Committee Member Elin Powell    
Committee Member Richard Hanlon    
Committee Member Kate Jones    
Committee Member Clive Haycock    
Committee Member Trevor Wilson    
Immediate Past Commodore Barrington Powell    

Clubhouse phone number 01286 672599. Find us on Facebook Facebook

Southern Squadron

Captain Marilyn Holmes marilyn.holmes@me.com  

Sailing Committee

Commodore John Judge    
Vice Commodore Sarah Roberts    
Sailing Secretary Chris Jones    
Cliff Williams      
John I H Jones      
Phil Horton      
Martin Ellis      
Mark Walker      

Rowing Committee

Hon. Rowing Secretary Bethan Jones    
Hon. Treasure Malcolm Jones (Chair)    
Flag Officers      

House Committee

Rear Commodore Marrtin Barritt (Chair)    
Hon, Treasurer Malcolm Jones    
Hon. Membership Secretary Mo Judge    

Enquiries by email are welcome, please address these to hon.secretary@royalwelshyachtclub.org.uk